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    Granger Smith Announces ‘When the Good Guys Win’ Album

    Granger Smith‘s sophomore album is almost here! When the Good Guys Win is Smith’s second record and it drops on Oct. 27 via BBR Music Group’s Wheelhouse Records.

    Smith is already giving country music fans a taste of When the Good Guys Win through his lead single, “Happens Like That.” It’s currently climbing the charts — and that one is only the beginning. There are 13 more tracks on this highly anticipated album.

    “Each of these 14 tracks fills an important space and it is my hope that they take you on a ride through peaks and valleys, from light-hearted to painfully honest and then back out again,” Smith explains. He then adds he “wanted this album to be made of many moments. Moments that make you feel something down deep in your gut; moments that sound so familiar, yet bring a flavor you haven’t heard from me before. This album is very special to me and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!”

    Although Smith spent much of this year on the road, that didn’t stop him from making new music. In fact, he wrote and edited this album while on tour.

    “With most of 2016 and 2017 spent on tour, there wasn’t much time for working on an album. In fact, we only spent three days in a real studio for an entire year’s worth of work,” Smith explains. “Instead, I set up a mobile studio in the back of my bus for all the writing, editing and even recording. I sang all of the lead vocals at home in Texas and did a lot of file sharing back and forth with my co-producers.

    “With the album evolving this way on the road, country fairs, parking lots, green rooms and hotel lobbies, it truly reflects the source of the inspiration: the fans. Without knowing it, my fans were involved in every step of this project and I believe they will hear that through the music. Looking back, I don’t think there could have been a better way to do it.”

    When the Good Guys Win was produced by Frank Rogers, Derek Wells and Smith. Smith wrote or co-wrote a majority of tracks on the album but you’ll also see other big names including Tyler Hubbard (from Florida Georgia Line) and Ben Hayslip. The record is available for pre-order starting on Oct. 6.

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    When the Good Guys Win Track Listing:

    1. “Gimme Something”
    2. “You’re In It”
    3. “Raise Up Your Glass”
    4. “Happens Like That”
    5. “Still Holds Up”
    6. “When The Good Guys Win”
    7. “Everybody Lives”
    8. “Stutter”
    9. “Never Too Old”
    10. “Love Ain’t Blind”
    11. “4 Wheel Drive”
    12. “Reppin’ My Roots”
    13. “Don’t Tread On Me” (ft. Earl Dibbles Jr)
    14. “Home Cooked Meal”