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    6 George Ezra Lyrics That’ll Give You the Feels

    George Ezra Barnett, AKA George Ezra, is a singer-songwriter from Hertford in the U.K. He’s a poetic songwriter with a voice that will likely surprise you, and his debut album is full of lyrical poetry. His words will really make you feel.

    Most people are familiar with Ezra’s “Budapest,” which was released in the U.S. in 2015. It charted on several charts in America and still remains his biggest hit here. Ezra released his debut album, Wanted on Voyage, in early 2015 but the album wasn’t commercially successful here. Despite that, the 12-track album is charming and poetic. Much like Ezra himself.

    Ezra enchanted Nashville when he opened for Hozier at Ryman Auditorium. He captivated the Mother Church crowd from start to finish with his personable personality and enchanting voice. He introduced his songs with the stories behind them and the audience hung on every word.

    Although it’s easy to love Ezra’s voice, his lyrics make him stand apart. They’re relatable and occasionally a little quirky. Sometimes he sings about love and sometimes he sings about a woman who’s really more like a snake. No matter what he’s singing about, his lyrics are always poetic.

    “I’ll fill your pillow case up with snakes, the man eating kind. / Though you call yourself a woman, I doubt it they would mind.”

    “When this adventure ends your next one will begin.”

    “Every time you have to go, shut my eyes and you know, / I’ll be lying right by your side in Barcelona.”

    “I walk past the bleak walls of an architect’s un-imagination, / Returning to the venue where we held that very first conversation. / To see you again, to be your friend, to hold you in my mind.”

    “I feel your head resting heavy on your single bed. / I want to hear all about it, get it all off your chest. / I feel the tears and you’re not alone when I hold you well I won’t let go.”

    “For you… I’d leave it all.”


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