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    George Ducas’ New Music Excites Him as Much as Debut

    “This is the most excited I’ve been to get music out since my first album."

    George Ducas is definitely not a newcomer to the music scene but his excitement for his upcoming album, Yellow Rose Motel, is just as infectious. The new tunes drop on Feb. 1. and he can’t wait for fans to hear the music.

    Although he’s as excited as a new artist would be for their debut, this is actually Ducas’ fourth studio album. He released his self-titled debut in 1994 with two more in 1997 and in 2013, consecutively.

    Since then, he’s been busy honing his craft and enjoying time with his family. That allowed him to stay a little behind the scenes while giving him more time to write music. His talent for songwriting is evident, especially when you realize the big names that have cut his songs. Ducas has had his songs recorded by the likes of George Jones, Garth Brooks, Eli Young Band, Gary Allan, Sara Evans and Randy Rogers Band, just to name a few. Despite having so much success with writing for other artists, there’s a craving that can only be filled by recording your own songs. He’s satisfying that craving with this brand new album.

    “This is the most excited I’ve been to get music out since my first album,” he explains excitedly.

    Ducas is releasing this album as an independent artist, which is an advantage for him. Since he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but himself, he has the freedom to create the album that he wanted to create. Despite having his hands all in his new music, he knows when to stop tweaking it and to call it a finished product.

    “You can keep on keeping on but, at some point, you just have to call it done or it’ll never get released. Anything outside of that just has to become part of the next project. An album is just a snapshot in time, a song is complete.”

    Now that his album actually is complete, he’s looking for it to feel even more complete by performing these songs live. “Artistically, the freedom of performing brings completeness to the writing side,” he said before adding, “It’s the finishing piece to the song.”

    Although he hasn’t announced tour dates yet, Ducas’ album does give fans the first taste of the music he’ll be performing live. Yellow Rose Motel is full of songs that will spark your interest and keep your mind racing through stories that make mini-films in your head as you listen. And, in each song there’s “a little bit” of his own story “in every single” track. There’s also one song that’s “a complete departure” for the singer-songwriter and that’s the title track.

    “I’ve never written a six minute song, but it’s a cool story,” he explains. “It’s my tip of my hat to Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger record. I learned to play guitar listening to that record, at least acoustic guitar and chords.”

    Throughout the album, you’ll see a theme of relationship truths and love songs. He even gives men a few tips in “Don’t Leave Her Lonely,” which tells men not to get lazy and take their woman for granted. Of that one, Ducas says, “It has an old school vibe of 90s country.”

    Other standouts on the album include “Country Badass,” a dig at guys who play the part of country boys without knowing the true lifestyle, “Eastwood” and “Cold Bud,” which will bring you straight to the bar to celebrate with your best buds.

    This album is a true work of art, it’ll get you singing and dancing along after just the first few beats. Yellow Rose Motel drops on Feb. 1. Stay tuned to Nashville Noise, we’ll add an album order link as it’s available. We’ll also have news on tour dates when Ducas releases those.