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    Friday the 13th: Best Horror Films Streaming on Netflix

    If you’re a horror fan, you’re probably already creating your watch list for tonight. It’s Friday the 13th and the perfect day to stream scary movies from the comfort of your own home. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

    These are the best horror films to stream right now on Netflix.

    Insidious (2010)


    This was the first installment in the Insidious franchise and it will get you hooked. If supernatural freaks you out and you’re a fan of jump scares, you’ll love this one. Two parents go to extreme measures to help their son, who they believe is possessed.

    The Amityville Horror (2005)


    It’s rare that a remake is well done but the 2005 version of The Amityville Horror is actually better than the original. We can thank Ryan Reynolds for that. The premise of the movie is the same but everything else is much better. A family moves into a gorgeous home in Amityville and they get it for a steal. There’s a reason the price tag is so low, though.

    Candyman (1992)

    You never forget watching the original Candyman for the first time. Nineties kids couldn’t have a slumber party without trying to summon the Candyman themselves. Now is the perfect time to get reacquainted with this classic, as a new one is set to hit theaters in 2020. Here’s what’s known about the upcoming release.

    The Witch (2015)


    This 2015 film is a supernatural thriller directed by Robert Eggers. In it, a Puritan family starts to believe that a witch has cursed their family. They encounter creepy supernatural forces just beyond their farm. This one is a must-see!

    The Invitation (2015)


    In this one, a man accepts an invitation to a dinner party at his ex’s house (that’s already a bad idea, am I right?). While he’s there, he starts to notice things getting a little weird. He realizes there may be some dark motives behind the invitation.

    Friday the 13th (1980)

    When we think of this “holiday,” we can’t help but think of the original Friday the 13th. This 1980 classic may be on the cheesy side but it’s still a must-see and is the perfect way to start your scary film fest.

    The Ring (2002)


    Be careful when you press play on this one. After you watch it, you have seven days until your death. OK, that’s not true but that is the premise for the 2002 original, The Ring. The creepy film is made even better thanks to Naomi Watts. Just try to forget that any sequels followed this one, you’re better off that way.

    What Lies Beneath (2000)


    It’s all in her head… or is it? That’s what Harrison Ford’s character tells his wife, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, in this supernatural flick. What Lies Beneath features jump scares and supernatural chills. Do not skip this one on Friday the 13th.

    The Craft (1996)


    There is just something about this 1996 film. It brings us back time and time again. It’s the story of a group of teenage witches who perfect their powers. No one is safe in this horror tale and we mean no one.

    Final Destination (2000)


    This is another first film in a franchise and it’s really the only one that matters. This 2000 movie stars Devon Sawa and Ali Larter and the concept is terrifying to even think about. A teen envisions himself, and his friends, dying in a horrific plane crash. He’s able to prevent their deaths but then… death comes looking for them.

    Sweeney Todd (2007)


    OK so Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber From Fleet Street isn’t a horror film per se but it is both great and gory. The 2007 release stars Johnny Depp as a sinister barber who slashes throats in his barber’s chair. When he teams up with Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), things get really interesting — and pretty disturbing. Even if you’re not a fan of musicals, this one is deserving of a watch.


    Did we leave out a film you’re watching this Friday the 13th? Tell us what we should add to the list below.