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    Franz Ferdinand Brings High-Energy Show to Nashville’s Cannery

    “I feel like we only just got to know each other and we’re going to miss each other already."

    Franz Ferdinand filled Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom with die-hard, excited fans on Tuesday night. They performed a high-energy set at the venue to end their 2018 summer tour.

    Before the show, Cannery filled with fans that lined up to buy merchandise — and even registered to vote! POW! opened the show for the Glasgow band on their last night in America. In between sets, Franz Ferdinand fans anxiously awaited to see the headlining act. They were so amped even before the performance that they cheered for the sound guys and the instrument checks.

    After a brief intermission, Franz Ferdinand took the stage to a loud Music City crowd. The band introduced themselves and immediately started to rock. If you’ve never seen them live, the show can best be described as a blend of rock music with 80s vibes and some crazy energy.

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    Franz Ferdinand’s set included favorites new and old. They played “Lazy Boy,” from their newest album, early in the set. It was “Do You Want To” and “Take Me Out” that got the biggest crowd response though. The latter got everyone singing along and was one of the moments when phones could be seen recording all over the venue. Watch that performance below.

    Before their encore, Franz Ferdinand expressed how much they would miss this tour, the excited audiences and their supporting band.

    “I feel like we only just got to know each other and we’re going to miss each other already,” lead singer Alex Kapranos said.


    Stay tuned to Nashville Noise for more Franz Ferdinand news in the future and click the album art below to download their newest album.