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    Foster the People Unify Fans with New Songs, Old Faves at the Ryman

    Foster the People marked their return to the Ryman with an authentic fan connection. They brought new and old songs and the story behind the new record.

    “I felt like this record I really wanted to make something that would unify people,” Mark Foster said onstage at the Mother Church. “The things that make us interesting and beautiful as humans are the things that make us different.”

    This was the band’s first time to play the iconic Nashville venue since 2014 and fans responded to Foster’s authentic speech with applause. He was, of course, referring to the band’s album, Sacred Hearts Club, that recently dropped. Despite having a whole new album to play, they started the bright, energetic show with older fan favorites. When Foster finally addressed the crowd, he thanked them for joining the California band when they could have been anywhere else.

    “Thank you so much for coming tonight,” he said graciously before adding that it was “an honor to be back at the Ryman.”

    Compared to their last Ryman show, this one was on another energy level. When the frontman wasn’t dancing, he was playing guitar or pounding away at the keys. Their band skills have also improved — and they showcase it. The dueling drums during the encore was a highlight for sure.

    Foster the People played “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls),” “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Pay the Man” and “Doing it for the Money,” among other songs. Whether an old fan favorite or a new track, the crowd response was the same. They were grateful to have the band back in Music City and were determined to thank them with a positive response.

    The band wanted the night to be a unifying escape for their dedicated fans and it was just that. After all, like Foster said, “Life is hard enough.”

    Check out highlights from Foster the People’s Ryman show below and be sure to check them out if they come to a town near you.

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