Nashville Noise Food Challenge: Unknown Vietnamese Candy


Our #OneChipChallenge video did so well that we’re back with another food challenge. This time around, we’re tasting unknown (and a little suspicious) candy from Vietnam.

When our editor, Coti Howell, went to Hanoi, Vietnam she couldn’t pass up the chance to grab some unmarked treats from a street vendor. She got some “chocolate,” durian candy, jelly-like things and one of the most unique eggrolls ever.

We put on brave faces and tried them all and the results are about what you would expect. Some are delicious, some make us gag and one ended up all over the kitchen.

Watch Coti Howell and Nashville Noise‘s good friend, Oliver Hairston, try these treats in the video above. Let us know what else we need to sample in the comments below.

Want to see us suffer even more? Check out the #OneChipChallenge video below. It does not end well.


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