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Flashback: That Time I Unexpectedly Met Matthew Lillard

When I was 16 I had the opportunity to fly to Vegas for the Radio Music Awards. It was my first award show and I was thrilled to get the chance to see some of my favorite musicians (that year, Christina Aguilera, O-Town, Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z were slated to appear). I had no idea Matthew Lillard would be there.

As a horror movie fan, I more than appreciated Scream as a suspenseful slasher. I loved Matthew Lillard’s goofy character, Stu Macher. I mean, c’mon, nothing beats that “my mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me” line when we find out he’s one of the killers. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan.


Leading up to the RMAs, there was event after event. The one that I was most excited about (aside from getting my makeup done and shopping like it was my job) was the celeb meet and greet. I was on the guestlist for the m&g so I donned my favorite outfit and walked in like I owned the place.

It was overwhelming! I’d been around artists and musicians since birth but this was different. Destiny’s Child was there, although they weren’t signing or taking photos, and Beyoncé strutted right by me on their way out of the door. O-Town, the stars of my “Liquid Dreams,” were also there. They initially turned me down for a photo but the tables turned when I was in the presence of big wigs. My favorite teeny-bopper celebs were all in one room (except for Aguilera) and then, off to the side of the crowded room, I saw him.


Lillard was casually just sitting around. My favorite Scream actor, the SLC Punk punk rocker and the hot yet ridiculous reality star from She’s All That. I was ecstatic. I nudged my mom and she helped me work up the courage to talk to him.

As I walked up, he smiled at me and graciously said, “Hello.” He posed with me for a photo on my disposable camera and then we just talked. He was kind, he was funny and he was incredibly down to earth. It’s rare to find a celebrity who’s had a lot of mainstream success that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. He is still one of the most humble celebrities I’ve ever met.

I met a lot of people that weekend and none of them compared to Matthew Lillard or his kindness.

(The photos from that damn disposable camera all came out — except for the picture of us. Now I only have the memory but it’ll last forever.)

Now you can catch Lillard in NBC’s Good Girls. The season premiere is Feb. 16.


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