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    Exclusive Premiere: Callie McCullough’s ‘Five Dollar Pearls’ Video

    "There’s a lot of vulnerability in this song and I wanted the video to encapsulate that."

    Callie McCullough is a modern songwriter with a classic sound. She’s introducing herself to the music world as a solo artist with her debut track, “Five Dollar Pearls.” It’s a vulnerable song and the music video fit it perfectly. Nashville Noise has the exclusive premiere.

    The music video is beautiful in its simplicity. In it, McCullough sings “Five Dollar Pearls” in a gorgeous historic home with her band.

    “We wanted to make this video simple and intimate to match the stripped-back production of this song,” she explains. “I also wanted to highlight the instrumentation that brought this song to life and just tell the story in an honest way. There’s a lot of vulnerability in this song and I wanted the video to encapsulate that. I sought out Nashville Director Patrick Tohill, who’s work I’ve been a huge fan of for years, and he found a beautiful historic manor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that perfectly set the scene for ‘Five Dollar Pearls’.”

    Watch the video below.

    “Five Dollar Pearls” is a track from her forthcoming EP, After Midnight. The six-song EP was recorded right here in Nashville and showcases McCullough’s vocals alongside a dobro, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar! The result is a timeless bluegrass vibe reminiscent of Alison Krauss.

    Stay tuned for more from McCullough but, for now, watch her music video above. Like it? Give it a thumbs up on YouTube.