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Exclusive Song Premiere: Faithroze’s Powerful ‘Pressure’

After a successful career in EDM, Faithroze is stripping her music down. She’s going back to her roots of classical music and piano with her new songs. Now, she’s only accompanied by her voice and the keys with very little post-production. We have a taste of that new music with her song, “Pressure.” The track officially drops tomorrow (Jan. 17) but we have the premiere a day early.

Faithroze opened up to us about the song — and its powerful beginnings.

“Pressure was originally written as a ‘just for me’ song to work through the constant anxiety attacks I had been suffering,” she explains. “Most often I write as a form of therapy and I wanted to express my frustration with not only all the pressure I was constantly feeling but also the fact that I was the one perpetuating so much of it.”

The song is from her upcoming EP, Secrets I Don’t Need Anymore. Much like this track, she approached the entire EP with the same outlook. She wanted it to be raw and vulnerable.

“When it came down to putting together this EP, I wanted to be as honest and vulnerable with listeners as I could and it was an easy choice using this track. I wanted to approach topics that were real for me, regardless of them being popular or mainstream. With this EP, I chose to walk people through parts of my story, from facing my past self, the anxiety around feeling responsible for saving my siblings’ lives, embracing truths about myself and even honestly expressing true grief tied to suicide and a lot of loss in my family. ‘Pressure’ was my personal process of admitting my faults in taking too much on for most of my life and after writing this track the rest of the EP wrote itself. It’s something I’m so excited to share with the world. “

This EP will be 100% Faithroze. Get a taste of it with “Pressure” below.

Stay tuned for more on her upcoming EP, Secrets I Don’t Need Anymore, but for now, give her a like on Facebook to stay updated on all things Faithroze.


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