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5 Reasons Why Expats Should Live in Nashville

For many expats, the possibility of living in Nashville may not cross their minds but they may miss out on a lot of opportunities. Read on to learn why you should choose Nashville to settle down.

Why Expats Should Choose Nashville

  1. More Opportunities for Growth

Music City may not be a tech hub like California or a casino haven like Nevada but Nashville has a massive healthcare industry that provides thousands of employment opportunities for all people. Additionally, Nashville’s undeniable entertainment industry is a great source of opportunity for those seeking gigs that require lower skill levels.

When you choose to live in an area that has tons of expats, you also have to factor in the competition. Settling down in expat hubs, like San Francisco and New York City, you may find yourself struggling because you have to compete with other expats vying for the same positions. 

  1. Robust Industry

Nashville continues to enjoy impressive economic growth. Tennessee, for one, has a low unemployment rate. This positive economic signal is always a good sign for expats settling down in the area, as this means they can benefit from living in a progressive place that can help them focus on earning money for their family. This means that they can live a comfortable life and still manage to send money back home. 

  1. Welcoming Atmosphere

There are still many developed cities in the U.S. that aren’t accepting to outsiders. In Nashville, however, people are naturally friendly and often drawn to welcome visitors from abroad. This culture of the progressive city is, in fact, rapidly generating a reputation for its considerable acceptance of people from abroad.

  1. Affordable Cost of Living

Perhaps one of the major reasons why expats should consider moving to Nashville is the fact that the city has a relatively low cost of living compared with areas on the West Coast or the Northwest. Compared with Manhattan, Nashville is much cheaper by as much as 142%. Homes for sale here are priced reasonably. Another good thing about the community is the availability of services like Nashville home buyers who can help expats sell their home should they need to go back to their home country.

  1. Entertainment Hub

Nashville may not be a popular city for expats but one thing that would attract them to the city would be its one-of-a-kind entertainment. Just look at our calendar of events, and you’ll see the number of shows you can attend. It is also no longer surprising to see many musical acts include Nashville as one of their stops; they know how locals love music and it is always a treat to perform for people who know how to appreciate good music. 

Experience the Southern Flair

For expats, looking to settle down in a place where they can have job security, live comfortably and enjoy some good music, they should consider living in Nashville and experience the Southern flair the city is known for. Nashville may not be your top choice for settling down, but give it some time, explore the city and you’ll definitely find something that will draw you to it. 

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