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Exclusive Song Premiere: Richard String’s Growth Anthem, ‘PE’

Richard String (AKA Nashville-based producer Gavin Shea) drops his new single, “PE,” this Friday (May 22) but we have the exclusive premiere of the track before it’s released. It’s a trippy love song with a bigger message and, honestly, it’s just really catchy.

The song was born on a “day off” when String was spending time with his longtime collaborator, Chris Gill.

“[We] whipped this up on a long-overdue day off and I think it carries that energy nicely,” he says of the song’s vibe. “I work with Chris about 300 days a year, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first song we’ve written [for fun] in a very long time. It was a joy to spend a low-key day with my bestest homie, low-key reflecting on a petty tiff. Listening back now, it seems to mean so much more. Music is funny like that, I guess. “

The song’s meaning evolved, in part, because of what the world is going through right now. He wrote it in what he’s calling “Before Times” (before Coronavirus and quarantine).

“The mood [and] lyric, to me, both carry an uplifting tone of growth, which is more defined than I’ve tended to be in the past. Whatever growth you may be pursuing at the time, promising ‘Things’ll change this time around’ is a sentiment we can all get behind. It was written in the Before Times, but I’m hoping it delivers a positive encouragement to change and evolve together in the After Now.”

Whether you’re in the mood for a trippy track or some words of encouragement, you’ll find it in “PE.” We hope you fall in love with it like we did.

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