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    Exclusive Premiere: Talia Stewart’s Single ‘Look Ma No Hands’

    "This track is for everyone who's ever felt resilient, anyone who's ever overcome anything. It celebrates victory, it celebrates you."

    Talia Stewart’s single, “Look Ma No Hands,” is an anthem surrounding the female experience. The track is from her forthcoming EP and we’ve got the exclusive premiere before its release.

    The newest song showcases her jazz-influenced vocals with a trap-reggae infused pop beat. The Nashville resident’s lyrics address and pay tribute to the women who’ve come before her.

    “When I say ‘Look, Ma, No Hands!’ I’m addressing my mother and her mother and her mother… I’m honoring the women who’ve come before me, the women who made it possible for me to do what I do,” she says. “This track is important to me because it speaks on womanhood and what it means to wear resilience in the face of a society that doesn’t want to see you win.”

    The newest single drops this Friday (June 7) and it’s from her forthcoming EP, which is coming soon. Stay tuned to see the music video for the single on June 13. This is a song, and video, you don’t want to miss.

    “This track is for everyone who’s ever felt resilient, anyone who’s ever overcome anything. It celebrates victory, it celebrates you.”

    Listen to it below and keep up with Stewart on Facebook.

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