Exclusive Premiere: Josh Christina’s ‘Old Piano’ Music Video

"I love how the music video really pays tribute to my influences while still telling the story of the life of a piano. Pianos last forever and have been around through so many different eras and genres of music."


Josh Christina is an über-talented rock ‘n roll revivalist. His music is reminiscent of the good ole days, and full of good vibes, and now he has a brand new song. “Old Piano” is his most recent release and it’s a song from the perspective of a well-loved piano.

“The biggest thing I wanted to relay in not only the song but also the video was this story of a piano writing it’s own story,” he says. “The places it’s moved from, the people that have played it, the songs or artists it has covered. I really wanted to bring the piano to life.”

Christina does just that in the new video for “Old Piano,” which Nashville Noise is exclusively premiering. The visual adds beauty and life to the new ballad. Like the song, you’ll see nods to his musical inspirations.

“Elvis was the artist that really started it all for me. His sound was so raw and edgy and he is by far my biggest influence. If it hadn’t been for him, I may have not gotten into music,” Christina explains before adding, “Elton John was such a monster player and I think really gave us a first look or listen at pop piano and the style. Definitely had to have a salute to him in the video.”

Watch the entire “Old Piano” video above and stay up-to-date on all things Christina by liking his Facebook page.