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Exclusive: Hear Liz Bohannon’s New Song ‘Wanted’

“Wanted” is the newest song from pop-country singer-songwriter Liz Bohannon. The track drops on Friday (Oct. 16) but we have a sneak peek of it.

The new song is a catchy breakup song. Unlike other songs that focus on heartbreak and the sadness that comes along with breaking up, Bohannon’s song focuses on the strength it takes to move on.

When asked about the song, Bohannon responded: “Unconditional love, the sheer act of putting yourself out there for someone but still willing to walk away… if that’s what loving them looks like.”

While “Wanted” drops Friday, Bohannon’s upcoming EP is slated for a late 2020 release. The singer-songwriter talked to Stage Right Secrets about prepping for the EP saying, “It’s been surprisingly good, I feel like this time has made me dig in deeper and get even more creative on how to make things happen. Also, I just feel like the people I’m around — both in general and in the industry are more open to band together on things — less is being taken for granted and people are just more supportive and want to help each other out. Still, it’s definitely been a lot of survival mode at times; but staying positive and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.”

Check out “Wanted” below and pre-save it here.

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