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    Exclusive Premiere: Jon Mullins’ Vivid ‘Hot Like Summer’ Video

    If we’re being honest, we can’t get Jon Mullins’ “Hot Like Summer” off our minds. The new track is catchy as hell — our new summer anthem. Now, we’re exclusively premiering the music video which is perfect for the season.

    This new song is something unique for the talented singer with impressive (that’s an understatement) vocal chops. Although we like the serious side of Mullins, this song is an upbeat bop perfect for 90-degree temperatures and pool weather.

    “‘Hot Like Summer’ is unlike any song I’ve ever written. Most of the music I have recorded tends to be more serious and introspective, but I wanted to release a song that tells a story in a more playful way,” he says. “My producer, Ryan Prewett and I worked hours upon hours in the studio to make sure that everything from the melody, to the bass line, and even percussive elements that you don’t hear — but you definitely feel — were perfectly crafted to give the song a vibe that makes you want to move.”

    It does just that. And then it came time for them to create a video. This one so perfectly suits the summer song with beachscapes and neon lights.

    “Once the track was finished, we needed a video. I knew the right person to take on this video was Brandon Cawood, so I reached out to him. We shot the video over a span of three days, in three locations and two states. He found a way to bring this song to life in a way I could have never imagined. From the locations to the direction, to the editing, he knew exactly how the song needed to look and he gave it the pro touch.”

    “I am so excited and grateful for this music video to be finished. Up until now, I hadn’t written a song that told the story of when I met my wife… so here it is. Connection, obsession, electricity, and heat all wrapped up into one track for you to watch or cruise/dance/sing to… ‘Hot Like Summer’.”

    Hit play below to watch the exclusive premiere of “Hot Like Summer.”