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    Six Reasons to Beat the Summer Heat with The Escape Game Nashville

    The calendar may not say summer but temperatures say otherwise. Escape the heat this summer with a trip to The Escape Game Nashville.

    On Tuesday night, The Escape Game Nashville invited Nashville Noise out to play the Nashville Escape Room. Unfortunately, we didn’t escape but we had a ton of fun! Our guide, Kyle, was entertaining and funny and didn’t make us feel too bad about now getting out in time (we were so close).

    If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a 60-minute adventure. You select a room and you and your teammates have to beat the clock and escape the game before time is up. It’s as fun (and as challenging) as it sounds. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend an hour this summer, this is the way to go. It’s great for families, friends, co-workers and couples.

    Here are Six Reasons to Beat the Summer Heat with The Escape Game Nashville:

    1. There’s Air Conditioning!

    Ok, this one is a no-brainer but it has to be said. The game rooms have air conditioning (some even have fans in case you get warm) so they’re a great way to leave scorching summer temperatures. When there’s a heat wave coming, book your adventure early and you’ll be chilling in no time.

    2. It’s an “Escape” from Technology.

    Let’s be honest — we’re all addicted to our phones. It’s hard to put them down and sometimes it’s even harder to find a reason to put them down. Now you have one. When you go into your escape room, your guide will have a box where you can leave your valuables (including your smartphone!). Put it on silent and forget about it for a fun-filled 60 minutes.

    3. It Builds Teamwork.

    The Escape Game is a great teambuilding exercise. It teaches you to work together and communicate with your fellow players. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your co-workers, take a break from work and head to The Escape Game Nashville.

    4. You’ll Make Memories.

    No matter who you take to the escape room of your choice, you won’t forget it. We still remember our very first time to the game last year — and so do our teammates. Even if you don’t make it out before that dreaded clock goes off, you’ll walk away with a new sticker and a ton of memories. You’ll laugh about the things you didn’t figure out all the way home.

    5. It’s a Brain Exercise.

    This week, we selected the Nashville Escape and we were reminded just how useful this game is for your brain. We won’t give you any spoilers but we will tell you, it required some advanced elementary math. Remember those annoying acronyms your elementary school teacher made you memorize? The ones that still haunt you today? They’ll come in handy during this game in particular.

    6. It’s Fun!

    For a solid sixty minutes, you’re scrambling around a room looking for answers. You’re working together, you’re laughing (sometimes screaming) and you’re having a great time. The Escape Game Nashville is always adding new rooms so you’ll never get bored. Test your limits and see if you can escape them all. We know you can do it.


    Have questions about The Escape Game Nashville? Head to their website and find out everything you need to know. From there, you can also book your adventure. Just remember to tell them Nashville Noise sent you!