Emma White Shares Female Artist Struggles in ‘Ten Year Town’


Country singer Emma White just shared the music video for her unapologetically honest song, “Ten Year Town.” The video brings to light the real struggles of the music industry, especially among female artists.

“This song felt special from the day we wrote it, but so honest and unapologetically so. I never imagined it would be embraced in this way,” she told Billboard (who exclusively premiered the video). “I was afraid I said too much, but it taught me that the truth will always resonate with people.”

White wrote the song with Brinley Addington and Neil Medley and hopes it inspires other artists looking for their big break. The video is simple but gets the song’s point across beautifully. It was directed by Jay Curtis Miller and produced by FlyHi Films.

“I’ve never fully understood the need to physically alter my appearance to be an artist… To me, there’s always been a disconnect with needing to change my appearance in order to communicate my message musically. This video is meant to capture that process — finding yourself through losing yourself and, in the end, staying true to yourself. I’m actually learning to have a lot fun trying on different looks and experimenting with makeup in a lighthearted way. The difference is that those decisions are my own and not decisions made for me.”

The release of “Ten Year Town” coincided with the launch of White’s very own record label, Whitehouse Records. She opened it with Jennifer Coyle and this song was the label’s first official release.

Watch White’s video for “Ten Year Town” above and support the new label by getting your own copy of the song below. Just click on the album artwork (this is the explicit version but you can get the radio edit here). Stay tuned for more from White. Her EP is expected out in Aug. 2019.