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    Eminem Says Collaborating with Beyonce was on His ‘Wishlist’

    Eminem recently chatted with SiriusXM’s DJ Whoo Kid and Lord Sear. During the interview, he opened up about crossing a Beyonce collaboration off his “wishlist.”

    It’s a goal of a lot of musicians to one day get a collaboration with Queen Bey. Even Eminem has dreamed of the day he’d get to work with the talented singer. His dream became a reality when Beyonce joined him for the new song, “Walk on Water.”

    “First of all, Beyoncé is amazing. And it’s been on my wishlist for a long time, but I never really had a song that I felt like would be right to present to her,” he explains. “So I was kinda waitin’ and then me and Paul kicked the idea around after I finished it, you know. And based off what it was about, I felt like she probably could relate to this too.”

    Eminem is referring to the sentiment in the new song’s chorus. He knew it was right for Beyonce.

    “The sentiment just because… Beyoncé’s always — everything she does is so perfect. But the pressures behind that, for her to do it so perfect, you know, I felt like she could probably relate to that. ‘Cause I told her, I said, ‘I never seen you make a mistake before, ever’. Like, performance wise, everything. Every song she puts out, every album, it’s so calculated and precise. And everything’s always so perfect.”

    Together, they’ve created a musical masterpiece. “Walk on Water” is already a staple on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist. Stay tuned for more on Eminem’s forthcoming album that will feature this hot track.

    Tune in to the full interview on Eminem’s exclusive SiriusXM channel Shade 45 on Nov. 18 at 2 PM and 5 PM ET.