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    Emily Kopp Makes Genuine Connection with Nashville Crowd

    Emily Kopp played her first Nashville show as a Music City resident last night at The Basement.

    Kopp is an up-and-coming singer songwriter with a beautifully raspy voice that mixes the present day sounds of Elle King with the old tunes of June Carter. Her voice is distinctively dynamic and she writes songs with relatable lyrics.

    Her new single, “Hold Your Head Up,” is an anthem that reminds listeners that “you could be a force so great who makes waves if you believe it.” In the chorus she continues to push people towards positivity. She tells them, “Hold your head up, Never back down. / Let’s come on up to the rooftops, We will shout it out loud. / The best is yet to come.”

    Many of the songs Kopp played her in set, including “Making Sense Of” and “When We Fight,” realize the difficulties in life while providing hope found for a person’s aching heart.

    She performed these tracks and several others with a small band behind her in The Basement. For her first show in her new home, she couldn’t have been at a more fitting venue. Her stage presence was humble and kind, making the opening set that much more enjoyable. She continually thanked the crowd, the venue and others who gave her the ability to perform. It’s very obvious that she takes time to acknowledge the people who support her. This is a quality we really appreciate in musicians.

    Kopp is still working towards success on a larger scale but she’s well on her way. Her relatable lyrics and soulful vocals will certainly catch the attention of listeners looking for an authentic connection with music and her The Basement appearance did just that for everyone in the small venue’s audience.

    Not familiar with Kopp yet? Get to know her in this Q&A and stay tuned to Nashville Noise for her future releases.