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    Country Singer Emily Hackett’s New EP is All About Her Own Life Lessons

    "Each one of these songs is a moment of me taking it in, even the lonely. "

    Nashville-based country singer Emily Hackett has just released her new EP, By the Sun. We sat down with Hackett to chat about the new music, her forthcoming debut album and more.

    Nashville Noise: First of all, congrats on the new EP. How do you feel now that it’s out?
    Emily Hackett: It’s relieving and also nerve-wracking at the same time. ‘Cause I’m so thrilled that they are finally out in the world, but then there’s that human element of me that’s like, “OMG, I hope the world loves it as much as I do!” It’s had a great response so far though. I’m excited for it to keep reaching more hearts that need to hear it.

    This EP is the first half of your debut album. How did you decide to release it like this?
    EH: I think it’s still innate for most artists to want to put out a full-length record like all our idols and influencers before us ’cause it’s a piece of art but, at the same time, people just listen to music differently these days — especially music from a new artist. It’s kind of like making friends. You aren’t gonna meet somebody you like at a party and then tell them your whole life story in one sitting. There are just so many cool, new artists out there doing their thing, I wanted to allow fans to get to know me at a pace that felt like we could build a relationship. So this is me introducing myself, out in the open, by the sun. The rest of the record to come is after we have a few glasses of wine together.

    If you were only using adjectives, how would you describe this EP?
    EH: Animated, cheeky, authentic, unafraid.

    What was the inspiration behind it?
    EH: It’s a lot of what I’ve learned in my early 20’s. You learn a lot about yourself, what you are willing to compromise and eventually what you’re not. You make a lot of mistakes, but you have a lot of fun. It’s a ride and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Each one of these songs is a moment of me taking it in, even the lonely.

    I think a standout for me is “Good Intentions.” What’s the story behind that one?
    EH: Good Intentions” is a little bit of all my friends and their funny stories or tendencies. I wanted it to feel inclusive. We are all human and we all want to think the best of ourselves but we can also be honest with ourselves in the fact that nobody is perfect. You slip up, you drop the ball, you get back on the horse. Most importantly, you laugh at yourself. It’s my cheeky way of keeping myself on my toes though too!

    Do you have a favorite track on the EP?
    EH: Probably “Josie.” It just has a message that I feel like came right through me and I’m just the vessel for it. I have such a hard time watching young people, women especially, being the feelers that we are, give too much of themselves before they are ready to because they are trying to meet somebody’s expectation or desire. This is just a letter to them, reminding them they are enough.

    Have your fans gravitated towards one song that maybe surprised you? A reaction you weren’t expecting?
    EH: It’s been beautiful seeing that everyone comments and loves on all the songs pretty equally. Which is probably the most surprising part about it! Usually, there’s a favorite or two but I’ve been thrilled to say fans have made mention of them all, and I’m totally okay with that.


    Download your own copy of By the Sun by clicking on the EP art below and stay tuned for more news from this talented country singer.

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