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    Ed Sheeran’s ‘Songwriter’ Documentary Gets Release Date

    Ed Sheeran‘s Songwriter documentary has an official release date on Apple Music. The doc takes fans into Sheeran’s songwriting process and comes out Aug. 28 exclusively through Apple Music.

    The documentary, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this year, will also have a limited theatrical release. The documentary will screen in New York and Los Angeles but, unfortunately, not Nashville. Fans not in those areas will have to wait until its available worldwide on Apple Music.

    Songwriter gives viewers a unique glimpse into the songwriting process,” Sheeran explains. “Murray’s film brilliantly documents the hard work and DNA that goes into creating a song from start to finish.”

    Sheeran’s cousin and filmmaker, Murray Cummings, directed the film that takes fans into the singer-songwriter’s private process.

    “I decided to make something different,” Cummings says. “I wasn’t going to show fame. I didn’t want paparazzi, screaming fans or big stadiums. I didn’t want to have sit-down interviews because I didn’t want to tell the audience how something came to be, I just wanted to show them. And I wanted the focus to be the songwriting.”

    The documentary was produced by Kimmie Kim and executive produced by Stuart Camp and Stefan Demetriou. According to releases, it’s an intimate look at Sheeran’s creation process behind his album, Divide. Fans get to see the grueling writing process that took place. Sheeran writes everywhere from tour buses to a Malibu estate to a luxury cruise liner.

    Get a preview of Songwriter by clicking on the video above.

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