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The Dryes Share ‘Tiger King’ Cocktail During #HappyHourLIVE

The Dryes took over Nashville Noise‘s #HappyHourLIVE on Tuesday (March 31). During it, they showcased a Tiger King cocktail they created especially for us!

Derek and Katelyn (AKA The Dryes) hopped on the Nashville Noise Instagram at 5:30 on Tuesday for a virtual happy hour. They introduced themselves to our followers before Derek got to work as the happy hour bartender.

The married couple, like everyone else, have been binge-watching Netflix’s Tiger King. It inspired Derek to create a bourbon cocktail that’s perfect for any TV or movie nights. Following the live, they shared the recipe specifically for our readers. The full recipe is below. If you make it, be sure to take Nashville Noise and The Dryes on Instagram!

After Derek shook up his “redneck tiger tonic,” he picked up his guitar and the two performed several songs. The live stream was energetic and fun and we have part of it below.

We’re going live Monday through Friday while we’re in quarantine for #HappyHourLIVE. Tune in at 5:30 PM CST and make a drink (or don’t, we don’t judge). We’re conducting casual interviews, chats and hosting musicians for mini-concerts. We hope to see you there!

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