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    Interview: Country Duo The Dryes ‘Take You Dancin” in 2020

    The Dryes are a country music husband and wife duo comprised of Derek and Katelyn Drye. They’re jumping into the new decade with a new song, “Take You Dancin’.” The song sets the scene of somewhere we’ve all been before. It’s been a long, tough work week but it’s ending with a date night and the one you love on a dancefloor.

    Derek told us the chorus started to take shape while he was in the couple’s kitchen. He was cooking eggs before a write and started thinking of the lyrics, “I can’t do this but I can take you dancin’.” That eventually transformed into a Ronnie Donn impression that sounded like, “I could use a little bit of boot scootin’ boogie in a dive bar pinewood floor with you.”

    “[The bulk of the lyrics were] on their way before the meeting even started,” he said.

    The song started off as easy as their love story. They became a couple thanks to one of Katelyn’s friends, who knew they were destined for one another long before they did. They hit it off both musically and romantically.

    “We knew it was special,” Katelyn says of the first time they sang together. Oddly enough, it was at a funeral after a year and a half of dating. It must really have been special because they wed and eventually moved to Music City. The move was important to them.

    “[We wanted] to surround ourselves with all the amazing writers,” Derek says. They wanted to be around all of the music and artistry that you can only find right here in Nashville. Now, it seems they’ve found their groove in the 615 — and with their music.

    “We want to create music that brings hope,” Katelyn says before Derek adds to her sentiment. “[We want to create music that] removes pressure from people using relatable… situations of faith and a foundation of hope.” They create music with a unique sound that, according to Katelyn, blends a “90s country vibe with traditional country instruments.”

    The same is true with their brand new song, “Take You Dancin’,” which is out now. The music video drops on the perfect day — Feb. 14. If you fall in love with the track as much as we have, catch them at The Basement on Feb. 3. They’ll play their new songs and their old songs and they promise a good time.

    “There is something special about being on stage,” Derek says. “You help people forget their troubles even for a little while to enjoy the music… it helps them escape.”

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