Dolly Parton Celebrates Women’s Rights in 19th Amendment Song


Dolly Parton is one of many artists featured on 27: The Most Perfect Album. The album is a collection of songs about the amendments to the United States Constitution.

The record, which dropped on Sept. 18, features Parton on a song that is the explicit celebration of women’s rights. In the track, she sings about the 19th amendment (women’s suffrage). Her song is appropriately titled, “A Woman’s Right.”

They said a woman’s place was staying in her hut, Washin’, cookin’ cleanin’, wipin’ babies butts,” she sings. “They said she’d never see the day, We’d equal up to them but here we are; we’ve come so far. I guess we sure showed them.

“I was very happy to participate in Jad Abumrad’s podcast’s album,” Parton says. “Being lucky enough to be a successful woman in business, I wanted to exercise my right to write about the 19th Amendment to praise and uplift women. Of course, I did a fun take on my song ‘A Woman’s Right’ and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I, some good gals, and a few good guys did putting it together for you.”

The project was created by the More Perfect podcast from WNYC Studios. They Might Be Giants, Devendra Banhart, Kash Doll, Torres, Kevin Morby, Amber Coffman and many others lend their voices to the album.

Watch Parton’s music video for the song above and download your own copy of 27: The Most Perfect Album by clicking on the album art below.