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    Dierks Bentley, Rhett Akins Finally Write Together at Nashville Show

    Something unexpected happened during Nashville House Concerts on Thursday night. Dierks Bentley and Rhett Akins finally wrote a song together.

    Storme Warren and Joe Denim host the monthly variety show and this month’s included Bentley and Akins. The two had never co-written before but Bentley said, “I’ve been wanting to write forever.”

    Writing a song? This sounds like an easy task for two accomplished songwriters so Warren complicated it a little. He gathered words from the crowd that the duo had to incorporate into their writing. The Nashville audience threw out words like “moist,” “incriminating,” “air stream” and even “gold digger.” The pair went backstage and got to work on the new song that sounded “more like a Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley skit” than a typical track. It was — interesting — to say the least.

    This month’s Nashville House Concerts included Bentley, Akins, Waterloo Revival, Jim Quick and Ray Scott. They each performed a few songs and sat down to chat with Warren before their performances. Akins, who came out wearing a Tom Petty shirt, talked about his pride for his son, Thomas Rhett, being a grandpa and seeing Petty just days before his death. He also sang “That Ain’t My Truck,” his breakout hit from the 90s and “Dirt On My Boots,” which he wrote for Jon Pardi.

    Bentley also performed during the evening. He sang “Drunk On A Plane,” “I Hold On” and the beautiful “Can’t Be Replaced,” from Black. The 41-year-old also opened up about his new beard, after a female fan yelled that she loved it. Apparently, it started out as a playoff beard when the Nashville Predators were in the playoffs. Then it became a protest beard after their loss. While we’re not sure when he’ll shave it, most female fans seem to like it (even if his wife doesn’t).

    There are still plenty of chances to see Nashville House Concerts at the beautiful (and historic) War Memorial Auditorium. The shows are from 7 PM to 9 PM on the first Thursday of the month. Tickets for all of the shows are $25 each and they’re on sale now. Get your tickets at the auditorium’s official website or by calling (615) 782-4030. Full dates for the series can be found here.

    For more on last night’s show, check out our Instagram story before it’s gone.