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    Bluegrass Fiddle Player, Deanie Richardson, Shares Reaction to Grammy Nod

    "We’re nominated for a Grammy and I can go the rest of my life and be pretty tore up about that.”

    “It’s insane.”

    This is Bluegrass fiddle playing extraordinaire, Deanie Richardson’s, first reaction when it comes to being nominated for a Grammy. Richardson received this nod as a band member of the powerhouse female group, Sister Sadie, and their sophomore album, Sister Sadie Ⅱ.

    The record is nominated for Best Bluegrass Album this year at the 61st Grammy Awards. Richardson says she along with the other women of Sister Sadie grew up obsessed with this music and genre. She remembers watching her heroes like Mark O’Connor, Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas win awards just like this.

    “Never in a million years do you dream that you’ll be in that same place nominated for a Grammy,” Richardson gushed.

    She recalls the day they found out being one filled with tears and even a few screams. “We have a group text in Sister Sadie and every day one of us will text, “We’re still nominated for a Grammy!”

    They didn’t go into the studio with the idea of cutting a Grammy-nominated record. They just wanted to make sure they were sticking to their traditional bluegrass sound. Some of her favorites on the record include “900 Miles” and “Something To Lose.”

    “We branched out and did a few things that we didn’t do on the last record and it really showcased the vocals,” Richardson said. The 12-track album debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s Top Bluegrass Albums chart and the lead single, “Losing You Blues,” hit the top of the Roots Music Report.

    Richardson says regardless of the outcome, there’s a lot of love in the Bluegrass genre for whoever wins.

    “To be with the nominees in this category is going to be my highlight. We’re nominated for a Grammy and I can go the rest of my life and be pretty tore up about that.”

    It’s been a huge year for Deanie Richardson not only because of this Grammy nom and Sister Sadie Ⅱ but because she also released a brand new album, Love Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard. The title reflects Richardson’s own life motto and her musical influences across all genres (even her Irish roots!). The record features collaborations with Patty Loveless, Dale Ann Bradley and Ronnie Bowman, just to name a few.

    “Everybody was gracious enough to come and give it their all. We’ve had a great time getting this thing out,” Richardson said.

    One of her favorite cuts on the record is the lead single, “Stoney Mae” featuring Ronnie Bowman. She says, “it’s raw, it’s dirty, it’s bluesy. It’s basic bluegrass, there is moonshine and death.”

    Another impressive collaboration on the record is “Jack of Diamonds” featuring Loveless, one of Richardson’s dearest friends and heroes. “I just wanted it to be her voice and my fiddle. My fiddle is bleeding into her vocal and her vocal is bleeding into my fiddle and it’s just as raw as you can get,” Richardson said.

    The album is overflowing with amazing collaborations and bluegrass riffs that will fill your heart up.

    “I hope with all the music I get to play no matter who it’s with that somebody is touched by something and it takes them to a good place or a good memory or even a bad memory for that matter,” Richardson said.

    We’re wishing Richardson and all of the Grammy nominees good luck this weekend. Check out Sister Sadie II and Richardson’s most recent solo album for bluegrass sounds that take you through distinct stories and emotions.