Davis Mallory Shares ‘Grown Up’ Ahead of Nashville Pride 2019

"[It] is a message about growing into yourself and overcoming childhood traumas."


Pop singer-songwriter Davis Mallory just shared the video for his song, “Grown Up.” He describes the track as a “message about growing into yourself and overcoming childhood traumas.”

Mallory wrote this song just before last year’s Nashville Pride with New York City-based songwriter duo Derek Gregor and Selda Sahin. The former The Real World cast member came up with the song idea after his mom quoted a bible verse, “Pride always comes before a fall.” It was fitting as Mallory was gearing up to perform at several Pride festivals across the world.

“This Bible verse re-opened a long-standing conversation on homosexuality and religion. I was raised in a very orthodox Christian household that believes homosexuality is a sin,” he says. “I struggled with this issue as a child realizing my attraction to the same sex. In my early twenties, I came out and in that same year appeared on MTV’s reality TV show The Real World. It was my belief that since Jesus preached the importance of ‘love’ that a homosexual relationship could exist within biblical terms, and I set out on a quest to prove this on MTV.”

This powerful track, with music from Indian producer Backlash, starts out, “The things that you said to me when I was kid don’t hurt much right now, but back then they did.” That refers to Mallory’s upbringing where he struggled with his sexuality.

“[The opening] speaks to the years I went through therapy and self-healing to overcome religious condemnation,” Mallory says before adding, “The chorus speaks to a time in my life, like so many LGBT youth, where I was disconnected from my family. I had ‘Grown Up’ but no one was around to witness the change.”

Maybe when you finally see it, that’s when you’ll believe it ’cause everyone around here says that I have grown up,” Mallory sings in the chorus.

Watch the entire video for Mallory’s “Grown Up” above. It was directed by Savannah Shaver and features real-life LGBT members and allies from the Nashville area.