Exclusive Premiere: Dave McElroy’s ‘Chill’ Lyric Video

Up-and-coming country singer Dave McElroy’s idea of the perfect summer is a “Chill” day on the water. He proves that in his new lyric video for the song of the same title. We have the exclusive premiere of the video but, beware, it’ll make you want to grab a float and a cooler!

“Chill” is the newest song from McElroy and it’s a song that he can really relate to. It was written by Bridgette Tatum and Danny Myrick but it really became his in the studio.

“As we went through the recording process for this song, I could feel every lyric,” he explains. “Laughter and nature is where I find my chill. This is my happy place… My chill.”

When it came time to create a lyric video for the song, McElroy just got to enjoy a day on the water. He’s completely himself in the video that’s perfect for summer.

“It should be a crime having this much fun making a music video with my friends. They told me ‘Dave go take these cameras and you do you (laughs). I don’t hate my life’.”

Watch the lyric video for “Chill” above and stay tuned for more from the country singer. Really like the song? Click below to download your own copy.