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    Danielle Bradbery Reinvents Herself with Catchy New Track, ‘Sway’

    Today marks a new chapter for 20-year-old Danielle Bradbery. She’s reinventing herself with new music and that all starts with her new song, “Sway.”

    After days of teasing fans on social media, the new song from Bradbery is here. From the first hint at new tunes, it became obvious that this is a new chapter for The Voice winner. The images are sexier, suggesting the singer’s mini music break also led to some growth.

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    It’s not just the images that have changed, though. The music is different. It’s better — and it’s all Bradbery. For the first time, she’s helping pen the music and she’s telling her own story. “Sway,” in particular, was co-written by Bradbery, Johan Fransson and Grammy Award-winning Emily Weisband. It’s a little taste at what’s to come for Bradbery and it’s a more polished sound.

    “I’m so excited to finally share new music with my fans, who have stood by me ever since I won The Voice when I was 16,” she says. “All I’ve ever wanted to do was relate to people through my songs, and I’ve worked so hard to get to a point where my lyrics and sound are true to me. I put my heart into ‘Sway’ and all of the songs on the upcoming project, and I think fans will feel that come through when they listen.”

    The new song is all about that one song you really connect with, that one that helps you forget about your daunting day. Ironically, “Sway” will also do that for listeners. It’s a feel good song that’s perfect for summer.

    Get lost in a groove that’ll make you lose your mind. / Put a smile on your face send you right in a daze. / No, there ain’t nothin’ wrong when a song comes on that makes you wanna sway,” she sings.

    Preview Bradbery’s “Sway” below and show her some love by downloading your own copy.

    Sway (Static Version) by Danielle Bradbery on VEVO.

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