The Damned Reveal Vivid Music Video for ‘Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow’


London’s The Damned revealed a brand new music video. The futuristic visual is for their new single, “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow.”

The legendary British band released the new video a few days ago and it’s mind-blowingly beautiful. It’s a colorful look at the future. Dave Vanian, the band’s frontman, also directed the video.

“The exploration and colonization of other worlds is something we will face in the not so distant future,” he says of his visual work. “My fervent hope is that we do not take our fears and prejudices with us and repeat the mistakes we have made on our home planet.”

Vanian describes the single as “an optimistic song even though it is about a dark subject, in a world obsessed by ‘self’… This is a cry for humanity to recognize its humanity before it’s too late. There is a strong influence of Joe Meek here: ‘Telstar’ was a glorious song about the opportunities of the future. I’d like to think that ‘SOTEOT’ reflects a similar sentiment.”

The single is from The Damned’s forthcoming record, Evil Spirits. The record drops on April 13 via Search And Destroy / Spinefarm Records. This is the band’s first new record in a decade!

The album is available for pre-order now. The Damned are supporting their new music with a tour but there’s no word on American dates yet. For now, you can see the list of their U.K. dates on the AXS website