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    Craig Morgan Says There’s a ‘New Energy’ on ‘God, Family, Country’

    Craig Morgan has had a successful career in country music for two decades. Now, the 55-year-old is paying tribute to his career, from past to present, with his new album. God, Family, Country tells the story of Morgan and it drops on May 22 via Broken Bow Records.

    The forthcoming record includes five new songs but some familiar favorites as well. There will also be some new versions of Morgan’s most important songs, ones that he recorded on BBR from 2002 to 2008.

    “This album is based on everything that’s happened in my life and my career,” the humble country singer explains. “I feel like I have some of the most quality songs I’ve ever recorded and there is a new energy here. After all I’ve been through, I’m at one of the most inspired places I’ve ever been.”

    God, Family, Country includes “The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost,” the singer’s faith-fueled tribute to his son, Jerry. There’s also a cover of Gavin DeGraw’s “Soldier” as well as a song called “Sippin’ on the Summer Life.” Although that’s a lighthearted summer song, Morgan teamed up with active-duty Army Airborne Rangers Justin Wright and Andrew Yocovone for the track.

    This new album is available for pre-order now, with two instant gratification tracks. Order your copy by clicking on the album artwork below.

    God, Family, Country Track List:

    1. “The Father, My Son and The Holy Ghost” (Craig Morgan)
    2. “Soldier” (Gavin DeGraw)
    3. “Going Out Like This” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Korey Hunt, Sam Banks)
    4. “Whiskey” (Anthony Smith, Sarah Beth Terry)
    5. “Sippin’ On The Simple Life” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Justin Wright, Andrew Yocovone)
    6. “God, Family and Country” (Craig Morgan, Craig Morris, Lance McDaniel)
    7. “That’s What I Love About Sunday” (Adam Dorsey, Mark Narmore)
    8. “My Kind Of Woman” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Jason Sellers)
    9. “Almost Home” (Craig Morgan, Kerry Kurt Phillips)
    10. “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy)” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Tim Owens)

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