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    Common, Andra Day ‘Stand Up For Something’ at the 2018 Oscars

    Common and Andra Day took the stage during the 2018 Oscars and left us completely breathless. They performed Best Original Song nominee, “Stand Up For Something.”

    After a brief introduction from Dave Chappelle, Common was on stage under a single spotlight. He rapped about current events, giving his love to the Parkland survivors and saying, “Tell the NRA they in God’s way.” It was a powerful opening and that was just the beginning.

    Day was then visible in another spotlight parallel to Common. Her beautiful voice effortlessly filled the 2018 Oscars. Like Common, she was dressed in black but she chose to add a little bit of color with dazzling emerald jewels on her neck and ears. She looked like a queen on stage — and she sounded like one too.

    Slowly, others were visible behind Common and Day one spotlight at a time. Men, women and children stood behind the singers who sang about standing up for something.

    The powerful moment ended with Common telling people to stand up for what they believe in. He asked the Oscars, viewers and everyone to stand up for whatever it is — and the Oscars listened. The track ended in a standing ovation with everyone in the audience grinning and cheering (even Meryl Streep).