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    Colony House’s Caleb Chapman on Opry Debut, Playing Bonnaroo + Nashville

    Nashville’s own Colony House is having a massive year! The band kicked off their tour with a very special sold-out show and they’re about to make their Opry debut. We talked to the band’s Caleb Chapman about those firsts as well as some of his favorite things in Nashville.

    It’s no secret that Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium is special. Colony House’s tour started off in the Mother Church and it was a memorable night for the group.

    “I think everyone that plays the Ryman knows it’s special whether they’re from the UK or Australia or Nashville. I’d have to think it’s a little more special if you grew up here,” he says before continuing, “The Ryman was one of the first shows, maybe the only show that I can really remember where we felt like we were getting more than we were giving. The audience knew what it meant to us.”

    That was a historic moment for Colony House but the firsts don’t stop there. They’ll make their Opry debut on May 9. Although Chapman has played the stage with his dad (Steven Curtis Chapman), they’ve never played as a band. The frontman opened up about how they’re preparing in the interview below.

    See all upcoming Colony House tour dates here and don’t forget to check out their incredible new record, The Cannonballers.

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