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    Christopher Griffiths Releases Most Personal Project Yet, ‘Lime Lake Road’

    Local award-winning musician, Christopher Griffiths, just released his sophomore album and this project is his most personal. It’s a contrast to his debut album, which was more light-hearted, thus proving he has a lot of range as an artist.

    Lime Lake Road is a six-track album that includes singles, “Best Part of You” and “Take On Me.” Griffiths wrote and recorded the record and Thom Donovan mixed and mastered it.

    “My debut EP was very electronic synth music and light-hearted lyrically,” Griffiths says. “So, after I did that record, I looked at the other half of my songs, the personal ones about my childhood and the places I grew up. Ones about family, about heartache. And I moved to the more acoustic instruments, even learning to play harmonica and mandolin. So, this is very much a passion project, a diary entry into my musical catalog.” 

    Lime Lake Road is out now. You can purchase the album by clicking on the album artwork below. He also has limited-edition merchandise available here.

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