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    ‘Christmas Time with The Judds’: A Reminder

    Every year I have a tradition. I’ll be honest and say I do love Christmas music but there is one album, in particular, I can’t go a year without listening to. That album is Christmas Time with The Judds.

    I’m a big fan of The Judds — and I always have been. I listen to them throughout the year, every year. In December, though, I dedicate my ears to this classic country Christmas album. 

    As I listened to Christmas Time with The Judds this year, I noticed the same magic I always hear. Their angelic harmonies, undeniable charisma and their ability to blend while remaining individuals make them an unparalleled duo. When these features are placed on Christmas tunes, a whole new perspective on Christmas is evident.

    The album opens with “Winter Wonderland.” On this track, I immediately noticed the organic feel. The instrumentation sounds natural. It’s both complete and straightforward.

    This vein continues with “Silver Bells.” When I hear this track, I think of an upbeat Christmas song that has become background noise to the chaos in a busy department store. Their version created a completely different image, though. I saw the usual hustle and bustle of the Christmas season but it was calm and serene.

    The real standouts in this album are the classic Christmas spirituals. The Judds sing almost forgotten classics like “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem,” while creating their own, “Who is This Babe.”

    Side B opens with “What Child is This.” Wynonna Judd tells the story of Jesus’ birth with immense conviction. Mix that with Naomi Judd’s angelic harmonies and you can’t deny their beliefs. They didn’t need to use vocal acrobatics to prove their point. Their honest and reverent performance is enough.

    The album closes with “Silent Night.” The Judds strip this song back to the basics while adding that same hint of conviction but it’s not the best track on the record. The best is, by far, “Oh Holy Night.”  Wynonna’s voice pierces the soul of this song. During this tune, a faint choir is mixed in with The Judds, giving this song a hymn-like appeal.

    In the rush of the Christmas season, Christmas Time With the Judds is a slow reflection and reminder of what Christmas is really about.

    Add this classic album to your holiday festivities by clicking on the album art below.

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