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    Chris Janson Honored at 2019 Global IP Champions Gala

    Chris Janson received a huge honor during the 2019 Global IP Champions Gala on Tuesday night (Oct. 29) in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. RIAA Chairman and CEO Mitch Glazier gave Janson the Excellence in Creativity Award for his artistry as a songwriter, musicianship as an instrumentalist and individuality as an entertainer. The Chamber described Janson as “navigating a new country music genre… expertly perched on the fence between country music’s past and future.”

    “For anybody who supports the songwriter… that’s the number one,” Janson said while receiving his honor. “I’m a songwriter in my heart and once I learned to write songs, I realized that’s what it was really about… and to be here in D.C. tonight… right in the thick of it… that’s just an amazing honor.”

    The Global IP Champions Gala happens annually and brings together those “who generate jobs, personify innovation and creativity, ensure safety, and enable access to innovative products and services that move society forward.”

    Most recently, as an artist, Janson released his third studio album, Real Friends. Check it out below.

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