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Chase Rice Coronavirus Song
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Chase Rice Writes Coronavirus Song, ‘Dear Corona’

Country singer Chase Rice isn’t letting the Coronavirus stunt his creativity. Instead, he wrote “Dear Corona.” He chatted with KSON’s John & Tammy in the Morning about the song, saying inspiration hit while he was on his front porch.

“I was just writing it as kind of a light-hearted thing, but if enough people want it, I don’t see why not,” he tells the morning show hosts. “I sent it to my manager and we were just kind of laughing about it but we both agreed this chorus is fire, man. We might rewrite it and figure something else out.”

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Dear corona…

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“Everything is going to go back to normal and it’s going to suck and be boring for a little while, and there’s going to be some tragedy behind it too. But this isn’t the first time this has ever happened in the history of the world; it won’t be the last. All you can do is keep a positive attitude throughout it and move on.”

Listen to Rice’s full interview with KSON’s John & Tammy in the Morning below. He discussed the song in his positivity and how he won’t let this slow him down.