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    Cavalia Odysseo’s Performers Dance Into Nashville [Preview]

    Cavalia Odysseo welcomed its star performers to Nashville earlier this month, marking the final stages of preparation before The Best Show Ever opened on Wednesday night.

    The traveling group — featuring a cast of 65 all-male horses — blends acrobatics, music, and dance with an equine partnership. But before live productions can begin, the horses must take a mandatory “vacation” to acclimate to their new environment and decompress from the road. Horses will take turns rolling, playing and grazing in paddocks, while receiving care from a team of experts around the clock.

    Cavalia’s 20-person stables team, comprised of grooms, vets and farriers, will pull 16-hour days to ensure the horses feel no strain of their travel. The 12 different breeds, including
    Thoroughbreds, Hanoverians, Warmbloods, and Arabians, are treated to daily baths, grooming and even braiding of their manes and tails to keep their hair shiny and long. They are fed a whopping eight meals a day (all of their hay imported from Quebec) enriched with Linseed oil to moisturize their skin.

    With that kind of pampering, we bet they’ll be high-stepping in time for their Big Top debut. Now that we think about it, can we stay at the stable, too? We also like braids and shiny hair.

    The show is now open and runs through Sept. 10 in Nashville. Tickets to the unique event are on sale now.

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