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    Cash Creek’s James Blaylock Discusses Band’s ‘Reset’ with Double Album

    “You always go back to where you started, dig out the music that influenced you from the beginning and reset."

    When three friends, whose friendship spans decades, are the centerpiece to a band it can be tough to keep the excitement fresh in their music and shows. That’s not the case for country band, Cash Creek, though. They manage to keep their momentum and drive exciting by going back to the basics.

    “You always go back to where you started,” the band’s drummer, James Blaylock, says. “[You] dig out the music that influenced you from the beginning and reset.”

    Monty DeVita and Kimo Forrest have been friends since elementary school and they met Blaylock in high school. Kimo’s musical family sparked his interest in music and even inspired his friends.

    DeVita started playing rhythm guitar in Kimo’s band when he was just 13 but eventually swapped the guitar for bass. He still plays bass for Cash Creek today and adds his vocals to their harmonies. Forrest lends many talents to the band — vocals, guitar, keys and now producing. He produced their latest release, Duality: The Center and the Edge.

    Duality is a double album with 27 songs total. The Center is the country side of the album and The Edge includes songs that influenced the band from the start. That’s the side that really shows their diverse influences. It includes funk music, Americana and even metal.

    “All genres have an influence on each other. Good music is just good music,” Blaylock says. “In every genre, it’s the lyrics [that] have to stand the test of time… What you listen for are those heartfelt lyrics to connect you to the song. We all were influenced by the hair bands, 80s and 90s pop, traditional country of the 60s, 70s, 80s and then today’s country too. It’s a compliment to every musician that we grew up listening to.”

    This new record included a lot of studio time for Cash Creek — something not all of the band member’s feel comfortable doing.

    “Not everyone loves to be in the studio for 10-12 hours. That is where the creative minds like to be. I prefer to be on stage performing… I’m always nervous before going out on stage, I am the one who has to keep the rhythm. If I screw up, it’ll screw up the whole thing,” he says laughing and adding, “Yeah, no pressure.”

    Duality has a full circle feel to it thanks to the quality of lyrics and musicianship in every track. “My One and Only Weakness” is a standout on the album with lyrics, “Your arms are the only thing that have a hold on me.”

    “Red Wine Kisses” has a smooth intensity to it with the beginning line reading like a romance novel. “Red wine kisses tellin’ me this is gonna be a good night” sounds the soundtrack to a hot date night.

    “Good Ole Days” has a nostalgic feel, reminding you of your favorite days of the past. “Oh it won’t matter what we are goin’ through, on this road of me and you, every moment has its place. These are the good ole days.”

    Overall, Duality is a comfortable listen. It’s a road trip collection for summer. It’s the perfect ending to a good — or bad — day. Nothing will disappoint you about it with the multi-genre influence on the two parts that make up this double album from Cash Creek.

    Check it out by clicking on the album artwork above.