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    ‘Granny Driver’ Carrie Underwood Gets Pulled Over for Speeding for the First Time

    Carrie Underwood is a self-proclaimed “Granny Driver” but apparently not today. The 34-year-old just got pulled over for speeding for the very first time.

    On Monday morning, Underwood took to Twitter to tell her fans about her speeding incident. “After 18 years, I can no longer say I’ve never been pulled over for speeding,” she wrote. “I feel so ashamed! I may or may not have cried in my car after the cop let me go.” The honest country singer ended her tweet with the hashtags #RuleFollower, #GrannyDriver and #ImSorry.

    While she said the cop “let her go,” we’re not sure if she drove away with or without a ticket. Whether Underwood has a clean driving record or not doesn’t change how much we love her — and her honesty. We’ve all been on the sad side of tears after being pulled over.

    This news comes not long after Underwood shared with fans that her broken wrist is “good to go.” Just a couple of months ago, the singer had surgery to fix heal her injured wrist. The surgery included a new piece of hardware but we’re happy to hear she’s healing nicely. People has more information on her injury.

    People has more information on the extent of her injury.