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Nashville Noise Gets to Know Singer-Songwriter Caroline Marquard

Caroline Marquard is a Swiss-American singer-songwriter with an eclectic taste in music. She started doing cover song videos, which got her noticed on YouTube, and now she’s getting ready to release her debut EP this summer.

Here’s what you need to know about the “Train of Thought” singer.

Nashville Noise: Let’s start with your childhood. You’re Swiss American. What was your upbringing like?
Caroline Marquard:
It was very interesting,
to say the least. I moved to the States when I was a small kid and grew up between Florida and New York then spent some holidays and summer vacation in Switzerland. I loved being able to experience different cultures and places growing up. I’m also a triplet and have older siblings too, so it was never boring. I loved having a big household full of loved ones with big personalities.

Wow. How did that influence your taste in music?
CM: I think it broadened my music tastes. I got my love of country music and Celine Dion from my mom because she’s from the south and my dad always used to play the Bee Gees and Jimi Hendrix… Different countries have different tastes in music too for sure.

You have an impressive YouTube following from covers that you’ve done. Why do you think people have liked following your covers so much?
CM: I started doing covers when I was going to school at Berklee College of Music. I spent all my free time on my YouTube channel and really fell in love with it. I think people could really connect with that, just doing something because you love it and it’s fun.

Now you’re getting ready to release your debut EP! What can you tell us about the EP?
CM: I’m so excited about it. I think it’s a great representation of who I am as an artist and where I want to go. There are songs on it that aren’t released yet that show different sides of me and I can’t wait for people to hear it.

You have released a few of the songs early, how has the fan reaction been?
CM: I think the reaction has been wonderful. One of my favorite things is to see people reposting them listening to the songs on Instagram. “Train of Thought” hit 100,000 streams on Spotify last week. It’s a huge milestone for me. I think really shows that fans are loving it.

What’s your one goal for this EP?
CM: I think it would be for it to be a stepping stone for doors to open that lead to releasing and playing more music.

Can’t wait to hear it! Lastly, I have got to hear about Wine Down Wednesdays on Instagram. Where’d this idea come from and what’s your favorite wine?
CM: I did a live one night on a whim and loved it so much I decided to turn it into a weekly thing. I was drinking some red wine during the first live and someone commented and said, “Caro-Wine Down Wednesdays.” It stuck! My favorite wine is definitely Cabernet Sauvignon — and Rosé in the summer.

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