Carly Pearce Helps Reveal Her ‘Music Row’ Cover

This week, some industry gathered for a big unveiling at ASCAP. Carly Pearce helped to unveil her first-ever trade magazine cover.

On Aug. 13, we gathered in the lobby of ASCAP with no idea what we were there for. The event was called a mix ‘n mingle (and we knew there would be wine) and on the stage sat an easel with the hidden cover under a cloth. The trade magazine, Music Row, hosted the event with ASCAP for their first-ever cover reveal. On the cover is, of course, the “Hide the Wine” singer on their large Artist Roster issue.

“Writing and performing is all I’ve ever wanted, and moments like this, I don’t take for granted. Thank you, Music Row and ASCAP!” she exclaimed. “I am so honored to be on the cover of a magazine I’ve been reading for years and to be a part of this special reveal.”

Watch the reveal above and head to our Instagram story for more.

The August-September edition of the magazine is available now.