Carlos Vara’s ‘Confident’ is the Monday Motivation You Need

Pop singer Carlos Vara has openly admitted he struggles with insecurity and confidence. He just released a new song, an anthem about dealing with that and being “Confident.”

It feels so good to be confident and it’s so damn convenient,” he sings in the track. “With this fancy tequila and sucking somebody’s cigarette.”

If you listen to the experts, there are a few tips to being confident. They advise thinking positively, not worrying about failure, being kind, dressing like you’re confident and, of course, faking it until you make it. It sounds easy but finding your own confidence is never easy — and Vara knows that firsthand. He experienced a massive struggle with his own confidence after moving from Nashville to L.A.

“I [was] like, ‘Holy s***, everyone is cool and beautiful,” he told V Man. “[I was] feeling really great and badass — before it slowly would start to fade. I remember one night, someone commented on how confident I seemed. I was like, ‘Oh my god if you only knew…’ Afterwards, I cried in my Airbnb because I felt like a f****** loser.”

Fortunately, the singer says he’s able to deal with it all now and he’s helping others with his new track. Watch the video above and play it loud. It’s the #MondayMotivation we all need.

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