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    Watch Callie McCullough’s ‘Three Quarter Time’ Video

    “They pay me in whiskey but I ain’t made a dime, singing old sad songs in three quarter time...”

    Country artist Callie McCullough just released her music video for “Three Quarter Time.” The video for the traditional country song was shot locally at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge.

    McCullough’s visual for the song is a biographical take of her life working hard in the music scene here in Nashville. “The song and video really is a snapshot of ‘New Nashville,” she says. “It’s sharing a glimpse of our reality as musicians moving to town trying to make it. The driving message is just… the truth. And my unapologetic lament for traditional country music.”

    The traditional country sound and her truth-telling lyrics make this song one you shouldn’t miss. Check out the video for it below and be sure to follow McCullough on Instagram.