Nashville Noise Gets to Know Up-and-Coming Country Singer Caitlyn Wolfe

Caitlyn Wolfe
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Caitlyn Wolfe is a busy girl. She’s an aspiring country singer, a graduate student and a graduate assistant that just finished her first full-length album.

Wolfe is an Iowa native that made the move to Nashville for a year to attend Belmont. Although the students inspired her, she eventually moved back to Iowa — for financial reasons. Fast forward to now and she’s done with her first album and she’s looking toward the future.

Nashville Noise: You decided to pursue music professionally but you’ve been singing since you were three. What are some of your earliest inspirations?
Caitlyn Wolfe: Definitely Cher and Gretchen Wilson. I wanted to put on big theatrical shows and sing big belty songs. Those were also the first two concerts I saw live and it gave me such a high. I realized that music was the one thing in my life that I never got tired of, and couldn’t run away from.

You’ve come a long way and are working on your first full-length album. That’s a huge deal! How are you feeling about it?
I’m feeling so nervous about it! Recording is all wrapped up at this point and all the behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty much done with. This is the exciting part, but also the most terrifying! Writing songs is like opening up your diary to the world… I’ve written thousands of songs, but the ones in this album are some of the more personal. They definitely tell the stories of life situations I am not necessarily the most proud of.

I love the title of the album, Little Bad. You told us there’s a lot of good in your life but this isn’t about this, it’s about the Little Bad — literally. Can you give us a small taste at some of the bad?
I have had some really interesting situations with men. For example, before my current boyfriend, I was seeing someone who ended up being engaged… Then the guy before him, also ended up being engaged and the guy before him got busted making meth in a motel. Literally the day we were supposed to go on our first real “official” date, I saw his face on the news. He proceeded to ask if our date was still on because he was out on bail.

I literally can’t make this stuff up. Of course, the album also talks about addiction, hell, lust and doing things you know you shouldn’t. The title track, “Little Bad,” starts off with the lyrics, “we all have a little bad, boiling in our blood, fueling those fires. We all have a little bad, that overpowers the good, when faced with dark desires. The good and the evil at a constant battle, only one will win the war, but the one that wins is the one that’s fed — and I don’t care much about being good no more…” and I think that does a good job of summing it up.

When do you think we’ll get a chance to hear it?
I’ll hold the hard copies of the CD in the next two weeks! I have everything submitted to my distributor so I’m currently just waiting to hear back from them when my music will be available digitally. My guess is all will be out and available by the end of November!

You’re obviously dreaming big. What’s next for you after the album release? What else is on your music bucket list?
My music bucket list is exponentially growing. I like to make big goals and little goals, so I guess I’ll start with that. Small goals would be to play 50 gigs in 2018, I would also really love to get the chance to become a regular performer somewhere in the area. Big goal bucket list, would be: playing the Opry, becoming a full-time musician or getting signed to a publishing deal and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life with my music.


Stay tuned for more information on Wolfe and Little Bad.

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