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    What it’s Really Like to Brunch with Brett Eldredge

    For Flashback Friday, Nashville Noise’s good pal Kristen Gilma told us all about having brunch with Brett Eldredge.

    What you’re about to read is a true story told by Ms. Gilma, one of our favorite people. She’s hilarious on (and off of) Twitter and if her fangirl tale doesn’t make you love her, you should check your pulse.

    brunch Brett Eldredge
    Kristen Gilma

    From what I remember, last year was the best CMA Fest experience I’ve had to date (disclaimer: I’m also a Nashville native and I don’t attend CMA Fest religiously). Believe it or not, I wasn’t even intoxicated! Despite my sobriety, I’m pretty sure I blacked out because I was hanging out with Brett freaking Eldredge. Brett Eldredge! I have admired his music for years. I also may or may not have convinced myself we’re BFFs pretty much since the moment I began following him on Snapchat, but that’s another story.

    On that morning, Brett and his team at Warner hosted “Brunch with Brett,” a fan club party in honor of CMA Fest. Admittedly, I’m not a member of his fan club (or anyone’s fan club for that matter), I just happen to have some friends around this town who are willing to help out a struggling teacher every now and then.

    Brunch Brett Eldredge
    Kristen Gilma

    If you’ve ever been to Nashville during CMA Fest, you know it gets hotter than hell — and this was outside. Basically what I’m saying is my sweat mustache was just as excited to meet Brett as I was. Luckily, they handed out fans with his face on them — hilarious and helpful all in one!

    brunch Brett Eldredge
    Kristen Gilma

    There were about 75 of us in attendance and brunch was provided by Juice Bar. The parking lot was set up with tables, skeeball, basketball, jumbo Jenga and shuffleboard. We ate, played games and mingled with Brett and the other attendees. After photos, he signed posters and joined fans for a little skeeball action.

    My work bestie joined me for this adventure. On the way to brunch, we had a running joke that we’d prefer if Eldredge was a jerk so we could stop obsessing over him. That definitely wasn’t the case. He is the total celebrity package: insanely talented, super hot and nice to boot! Not only was he welcoming and friendly, you could tell he was genuinely grateful for his fans and happy to be spending some time with us.

    Of course, the event would not have been complete without the King of Snapchat posting some videos to his story. He wrapped things up with group photos, videos and a heartfelt thank you to his fans. All-in-all it was definitely the best brunch my sweat mustache and I have ever attended.