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Broseph Release Feel-Good New EP, ‘Let’s Do This’

Illinois band, Broseph, are back with their sophomore EP, Let’s Do This. The six-track EP is a completely feel-good time.

Broseph, a six-piece band, moved to Music City last year and went straight to the studio. Let’s Do This is the result of that and the sound they’ve been honing through tours over the last several years. The band worked with rock producer, Greg Archilla, and Nashville guitarist, Ilya Toshinskiy, on the six-track EP.

“When we first met Greg, we didn’t know what to think, I mean, here’s a guy who’s built a career working with rock legends!” Brooks Boyer, lead guitarist and co-producer, says. “It didn’t take long to realize we were a good fit after coming out of the first writing session with a song like ‘Sombrero.’ Then there’s Ilya, an absolute machine in the studio. He brought the banjo licks and post-country swag to tracks like ‘Country Song’ and ‘Beer Talkin’.’”

They leaned on Adam James, a friend and songwriter, to write “Beer Talkin'” and the EP’s title track. While writing together, they relied on an assortment of influences.

“Our influences range from Def Leppard to Shania Twain, Fall Out Boy to Nelly. We try not to confine our sound to any one genre, we just want people to listen to the music and decide for themselves,” Brock Jones, the group’s lead singer, explains.

Bassist Sean Halbrook adds, “Our goal is to try and write songs our fans can relate to and it kind of feels like a big family that we have been lucky enough to bring together… We want everyone to be a Broseph.”

Check out Broseph’s six-track EP, Let’s Do This, and check out the band at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon on Oct. 19. They take the stage at 11PM. Find more information on the Wildhorse Saloon’s official website.

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