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    8 Reasons to Follow Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell on Instagram

    The Backstreet Boys‘ baby-faced Brian Littrell has always been one of the big reasons we love the boy band. Today, he’s a faith-driven family man with a heart of gold. Littrell shares adorable family photos, behind-the-scenes BSB posts and the occasional yummy food shot.  

    For these posts and more, we love following the Kentucky native on Instagram. Here are eight reasons we love to follow Littrell on Insta.

    Because His Captions are Silly

    Instagram: @rokspics

    This may just look like a sexy selfie of blue-eyed Brian but the caption really makes this photo. “Don’t ever InstaChirpFace and drive kids… safety first…” You heard him, kids.

    For Sweet Sue

    Instagram: @rokspics

    The furriest — and cutest — copilot.

    For Adorable Family Photos

    Instagram: @rokspics

    Does it get any cuter than the Littrell family?

    For Those Food Shots

    Instagram: @rokspics

    Is Leigh Anne a five-star chef? Littrell’s Instagram posts sometimes make it look that way. This is the Christmas Eve dinner that she cooked in 2017.

    For Faith Reminders

    Instagram: @rokspics

    Littrell has always been proud of his Christian faith and this IG post was a very powerful one. “Above all, GOD is good all the time… Sometimes we get lost under the clouds and can’t see the way… Keep your head up, strive to be the best you that you can be every day…” Even if you don’t share religious beliefs with the Backstreet Boy, that last sentence is relevant to anyone.

    Because He’s Friends with Everyone

    Instagram: @rokspics

    The Backstreet Boys have built friends with everyone over the years. Littrell shares everything on Instagram from handwritten notes from Taylor Swift to behind-the-scenes pictures with Florida Georgia Line.

    For a Glimpse at Behind-the-Scenes BSB

    Instagram: @rokspics

    The boys even look good in infrared images.

    For Music Updates

    Instagram: @rokspics

    How else would we know the status of the next BSB record? Along with this studio selfie, Littrell wrote, “Working on a day off… gotta get it done…”


    Why do you enjoy following Littrell on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.


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