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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Country Artist Bri Fletcher

    Up-and-coming country artist, Bri Fletcher, just released her most beautiful song so far in “Cause I Love You.” Prior to the release, we had a few minutes to get to know the Texas-bred artist. We talked about her music and her anti-bullying nonprofit, Debully.

    Nashville Noise: I see by your bio, you fell in love with music at an early age.
    Bri Fletcher: I grew up around music since my mom was a singer and was always around her or a stage. I just remember always wanting to sing and play music. I think the first time I sang on stage I was four or five and VERY into the performance! I was very outspoken about wanting to be a singer, so it was no surprise when I actually starting pursuing the career path.

    NN: So it’s already impressive that you started falling in love with the art of performing when you were young but you also started writing songs at a young age. You did that to help yourself cope with bullying, right?
    BF: I used to have this binder that I would bring with me to school in elementary school — and recess for me was my writing sessions. I would write about boys who I thought I loved and I would write about always wanting to prove people wrong who would make fun of me. I think I was a target because I knew exactly what I wanted from a young age. But writing became my therapy and helped me be able to process how and why I was feeling that way and cope with the horrible things kids would say.

    NN: Wow. I’m so sorry that you went through that but what an amazing coping mechanism! That inspired you to create an anti-bullying non-profit. What can you tell me about Debully?
    BF: Since I experienced bullying for so many years I wanted to try to come up with a concept that would really register with the kids. I remember when they would do anti-bullying assemblies when I was younger and it never really clicked. So I thought music, kids close to their age, and actually calling out the bully would be a whole new approach they had never seen before. And it worked! I can’t count the amount of kids that have come up to me afterward telling me how much it changed or even saved their life.

    NN: That is amazing! Now you’re working with your non-profit and bringing your music to schools and students. What has that been like for you?
    BF: It’s been amazing! Hearing kids sing along to my own songs is one of the best things. And getting to share my message to help other kids brings such joy to my heart! I am constantly trying to write more songs that get the anti-bullying message across while still staying current and relatable and can’t wait to get back at it when the schools reopen.

    NN: Have students shared their personal stories with you?
    BF: Yes! There have been a handful of times when students have come up to me crying saying they were planning to take their life until the assembly. Or kids who said they want me to help them talk to their counselor about how to stop cutting from being bullied. And even kids who have come up to me admitting they’ve been a bully and want to be better. It’s incredible how just being direct and trying to understand it from their perspective really connects with them. They just want to feel heard and understood!

    NN: Prior to today’s release, you released “Therapy.” What’s the story behind that song?
    BF: The story behind “Therapy” is about a one-sided relationship. People sometimes don’t realize that they are constantly venting to you and only focusing on their problems and this song was my way of saying, “Hey I need someone to vent to as well.”

    NN: We’ve all been there! What do you hope people get out of this song?
    BF: I feel like a lot of people go through this with friends, never really knowing how to say “Hey I’m really going through something right now and need a friend to listen!” I hope this song inspires people to speak up about what they need from their relationships because the only way to grow is to be honest with our friends.

    Listen to the acoustic version of “Therapy” above and stay tuned for more from Fletcher (she’s hoping to finish an EP this year!). And head to Spotify to listen to her brand new song, “Cause I Love You.”